Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Greek’s unpretentious ode to Capitalism

I have no money.

I never did.

You just assumed them.

And I agreed.

I am not ancient.

I am a child.

You know my history

and it is wild

I never lied

I played along

My hands are tied

Where I belong

You can accuse me

Of having fun

But please excuse me

It’s from the sun

And for my sunny


I have to suffer


I beg of you

Don’t let me grow

Cause when I do

I will then know

I am a slave

On summer leave

And to my chain

I will believe

Your subtle violence

I will then feel

And hope to die

Before I kill.

D. D.


Giorgos aka FunkyF said...

τώρα αυτό πώς το μελοποιούν, ως τραγικό μινόρε ή ρέγγε ματζόρε?

danae said...

folk metal!